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Rain Forest Fun

Cover of Little Kids First Big Book
A review of Little Kids First Big Book of the Rain Forest by Moira Rose Donohue

Get off your devices. That’s right, just set them aside, grab this book and open to the title page spread where you will see the cutest!!, most adorable, awwww- inspiring photograph of a mama three-toed sloth and her baby in their natural environment.  And that’s just the title page. 

I’ve got a bad case of book love for this nonfiction introduction to rain forests.  Great for preschoolers as well as for those last minute report writing fiascos where the more quick facts and definitions you can garner the better. In this book we learn the definition of a rain forest, and all about the layers, and we meet animals that live in each layer.  This is a dense, information-packed book, but the layout and design are eye-catching and the print is large, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. And the book comes with instructions: there is a “How to Use This Book” page.  So even without the engaging subject, the beautiful photographs, the cool facts, the paragraphs with detail, this is a great book for kids about how to use informational books to get the most out of them.  Thank you, National Geographic Kids, and thank you Ms. Donohue!

Ages 3 & up.

Aug 9, 2018