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The power of pockets

Cover of A Dress with Pockets
A review of A Dress with Pockets by Lily Murray, illustrated by Jenny Lovlie

This librarian is obsessed with this new book by Lily Murrary and illustrated by Jenny Lovlie. When I was a little girl, my favorite book was about a little ballerina. Not because I particularly loved to dance, or because the story was so wonderful, but because of the illustrations of the tutus. I wish that younger me could have had a story like A Dress with Pockets, a book that not only has whimsical illustrations of “Sundresses, fun dresses, blue dresses, green. Swishy dresses, witchy dresses, very very itchy dresses! Swirly-twirly-whirly dresses, fit for a queen!”, but also a fabulous story, lilting language, and a character very much like my younger self - Lucy. I will have to settle for the delight of reading it out loud to my own kids.

It is Lucy’s birthday, and her auntie is taking her shopping to the Fabulous Fashion Store. She is shown every dress imaginable… but they just aren’t quite right. Because what Lucy needs is the elusive dress with pockets. “With pockets?” they ask “what ever for?” Lucy needs pockets to help her EXPLORE! “For fossils and flints, for marbles and mints, for trinkets and biscuits and more!” I am stopping myself here, because I could quote the whole book for you. Seriously, it has been so hard to not just tell you the whole thing, because it’s SO GOOD.

This book will surprise and delight you... like when you discover a dress that you love also has pockets!

Jun 2, 2023