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The people who complete you

Cover of I'm Not Done with You Yet
A review of I'm Not Done with You Yet by Jesse Q. Sutanto

Jane's world changes the instant she meets Thalia. Both young women are waiting in line for a bus that will take them to their prestigious Oxford Creative Writing program and for Jane, the experience is heady and intoxicating. Thalia is beautiful and confident. She's smart and talented. She's wealthy and knows how to act. She has everything going for her and is beloved by all. Jane is plain and socially awkward. She's barely scraping by financially and in all aspects of her life. Thalia takes Jane under her wing and provides Jane with the inspiration she needs to write better, look better and live better. But Jane is not Thalia.  

This becomes painfully apparent when something happens to remove Thalia from Oxford and Jane's orbit. All of the promise and drive that powered Jane has disappeared and has her back in mediocre land, longing for Thalia as her bright shining star and guiding force. Jane doesn't know where Thalia is or what she's doing. Jane trudges through life writing unimpressive books, married to a boring and irritating man, and resenting the house and life she's tied to. Until she spots Thalia on The New York Times bestseller list. If Jane can reconnect with Thalia, she knows everything will turn around.   

I'm Not Done with You Yet is a swirling psychological thriller narrated by a young woman who believes she is a sociopath. She's always felt out of place and uses "internet medicine" to provide answers that lead her down a life trajectory that may not be accurate. At the same time, others in her midst bring their own elements of deception and unstable choices to the mix. The lines between friendship, love, and obsession are blurred with unexpected results and a showdown at a mystery convention in New York City. Super fun and scary and an excellent follow-up to the author's 2023 cozy Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice for Murderers.

Mar 18, 2024