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Cover of The Boo-Boos that Changed
A review of The Boo-Boos that Changed the World by Barry Wittenstein

Earlier today I cut my finger and put on a band aid. And then this book showed up on my hold shelf - coincidence? Back in 1917, a young couple is married and the wife seems to hurt herself with great frequency. I didn't really care for the descriptions of her injuries, both for the yuck factor, and rather condescending manner Josephine is talked about. But, if you can make it past that, this is a rather interesting story. The husband, Earle, has the idea to place small pieces of sterile gauze on a long piece of adhesive tape and then Josephine can put on a bandage easily by herself. Earle takes his great idea to his boss at Johnson & Johnson, and eventually the Band-Aid is born. There in an Author's Note at the end of the book that points out all the elements that had to come together to make the Band-Aid happen. There is also a nice timeline and a "Learn More" page with website suggestions for more information. It is interesting to think that so many of the things that seem ubiquitous today, had to have been invented by someone, somewhere. Maybe children will be inspired to learn the history of other everyday items.

Good for ages 4-9.

Jun 8, 2018