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Operation friendship

Cover of Pocket Peaches
A review of Pocket Peaches by Dora Wang

There's a new cat in town!  Peaches the bunny, Mango the calico and Pogi the puppy live in Pocketon and have a theory about the new cat, Taro.  They think Taro is a magical cat!   No matter how hard they try to get to know Taro, their attempts to become friends fail.  It's as if Taro disappears into thin air!  There's definitely something mysterious going on.

Then Peaches finds a book about monsters that Taro left behind at their library book club and uses the excuse of watching a scary movie together in order to return the book.  "Operation friendship" is in full swing with cupcakes from Mango's bakery, popcorn, lemonade and comfy blankets.  Then things go terribly wrong when a storm disrupts the movie and Taro partially overhears Peaches say something out of context.  Such is the case when only part of the story is available, even when intentions are good.  Will the cute animals from Pocketon open up to each other and resolve their issues?  They still have the finale of their favorite movie to watch!  

PocketPeaches is based on a webcomic created by Chinese-American illustrator Dora Wang and newly available as a graphic novel. 

Check it out from the library's subscription to ComicsPlus.

Oct 16, 2023