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Oh the angst

Cover of If His Kiss is Wicked
A review of If His Kiss is Wicked by Jo Goodman

I'm a fan of historical romances but it's getting harder and harder to find the meaty, complicated ones that I sometimes like to sink into. Current publishing trends seem to have veered more towards lighter, sparkly fare (which I also enjoy, don't get me wrong). So in order to get my angsty fix, I decided to delve into the backlist of an author I enjoy.

If His Kiss is Wicked as a title suggests something perhaps a little sexy and flirty. But that's not what you get here. While this book does have its sensual scenes, the storyline itself is anything but flirty and light. ​Emmalyn Hathaway has lived with her uncle and cousin since the death of her parents. Though she is quiet and reserved by nature and willing to help out as needed, Emma is no doormat. So when an extremely traumatic event befalls her, Emma is determined to get the help she needs. To that end she seeks out Restell Gardner who assists with discreet problem solving. I won't say more about the plot points because not knowing just what has happened is part of the emotional journey.

Within the first few pages the author had me and an emotional wringer it was. This isn’t a light book and the progression for Emma’s recovery and growing relationship with Restell was beautifully handled. Restell’s gentle response to Emma’s pain and his intelligent puzzle-solving were a bonus. If you're looking for a romance that will grab and hold your attention, be like me and read this one (which is also available on Overdrive for download).

Nov 19, 2020