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I often read a fair amount of reading (understatement) over holidays and vacations but for this most recent bout of holiday days off I topped myself. Mostly because it's just been so darn cold! What else is there to do other then huddle under a blanket and read? All this is to say, I may have several posts of vacation reads.  I'll start today with a couple of the more romance-y titles.

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory is a "warm, sexy gem of a novel" according to another review on Goodreads and I couldn't agree more. I think I first heard about this one from a Tweet several months ago and I immediately made note to get a galley if at all possible. And it was possible. Hooray! Alexa Monroe gets trapped in an elevator with Drew Nichols and the two form an instant connection. Drew is in need of a date for the wedding of his ex-girlfriend and is thrilled when Alexa agrees to pose as his fake new girlfriend. And that's how it all starts. It sounds a bit tried and true, if you go by the description alone, but this one sparkles.

My other title in this vein is Jojo Moyes' new book about that indomintable Louisa clark, Still Me. I'll admit I was skeptical about this one. Did I really need to read the further adventures of Lou of the bumble-bee tights? The answer to that question is YES, yes, I did. Here Lou has taken a job in New York city working as a companion to Agnes Gopnik. Agnes is the second, and much younger, wife of Leonard Gopnik and Lou finds herself thrown in the deep-end of a world of wealth and privilege. In her usual Lou-fashion she makes connections with a variety of people and though she struggles maintaining her long-distance relationship with Sam (who is back in London), Lou finds much to enjoy in her new adventure. I loved this and closed the last page wishing that I could immediately dive into a fourth book.

Both of these are due out later this month - so here's your hint to get on the waiting list. And I'll keep you posted on other vacation reads.

Jan 4, 2018