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Never too much

Cover of Knockout
A review of Knockout by Sarah MacLean

All her life Lady Imogen Loveless has been told she's "too much". And given her interest in blowing things up and lack of interest in any of the things a "real" lady does, she's convinced that she'll always live up to her name and remain single. But that fact doesn't stop her from truly liking (and lusting after) Scotland Yard inspector, Thomas Peck. For his lights, while Tommy may at times be very frustrated by Imogen, he's also totally fascinated by her. The only way in which she's "too much", as far as he's concerned, is in her station - she's an aristocrat and he a commoner. When he's assigned to guard Imogen, Tommy must use all his willpower to resist the siren call of this incredible woman. But once Imogen realizes she's found the man who considers her "just enough", it will be her willpower that prevails.

As to the plot surrounding Tommy and Imogen? I'll be honest and say it didn't really stick for me as I was so entranced by the fizzy chemistry between the leads. There are some bad guys and Imogen works with other women to bring them down. Tommy, as a police officer, assists. This is the third in MacLean's Hell Belles series and if you want to see the full progression of how Tommy and Imogen come together, you might want to start with book one, Bombshell, in which they meet. That said, this can certainly be read as a standalone, and in fact, it might be fun to start here, then go back to the beginning to see how MacLean lays out the clues for how the two will end up together. Whichever way you choose, you can't go wrong in reading this one.

Jul 19, 2023