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Murder done light

A review of Mr. and Mrs. North Series by Frances and Richard Lockridge

How about some light-hearted fun and mayhem? This mystery series dates from the mid 20th century, and begins with The Norths Meet Murder. The Norths are a couple living in New York City who inadvertently get involved in homicide. Of the two, Pam North is easily the more interesting character in that her thought process appears to jump from A to G and back to B but somehow she is almost always correct in her assessments and since she also leaps before she looks this is a concern for her publisher husband Jerry. So if like a mystery where the make-up of the martini is as important as solving the crime this series should work for you. And there are cats!

Just a further note on the series: it was at one time extremely popular and had both radio and television series created following the characters. Many of the titles of the television series are available in LINKcat starting with volume 1. After Frances died, Richard Lockridge did not continue writing the series. He did, however, continue to write the other police procedurals he wrote solo. These also take place in the state of New York, and are worth checking out though it may require some digging to get hold of them!

Mar 13, 2020