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Mow the floor, rock the dishes, bathe the rug?!

Cover of Bathe the Cat
A review of Bathe the Cat by Alice B McGinty, illustrated by David Roberts

Grandma is coming to visit at 2pm, but the house is a mess! Quick, everyone gets assigned their tasks, spelled out on the fridge with brightly colored alphabet magnets. Dad is in charge of dishes and mowing the lawn, Bobby has to mop the floor and rock the baby, Sarah needs to sweep the mat and feed the fish, and Daddy has to mow the lawn and ... bathe the cat.

The little orange cat in the corner pays attention to this last one - bathe the cat?! - and we see a close-up of the fridge, with the cat's orange paws sneakily rearranging words into silly chores: feed the floor, scrub the fishes, sweep the baby.

Hilarity ensues, and continues for several more rounds - tasks keep getting rearranged by the cat until they are almost nonsensical: "Sarah, Bob the mat!"

As a fellow planner who lives by my lists, I empathize when Daddy says, "Nothing's going as I planned! This list is TOTALLY out of hand." Finally he has had enough and takes charge, rearranging the chores to make sure everything gets done... including rocking the cat, who has cleverly avoided a bath. The story ends with Grandma's arrival, and she hugs her two older grandkids while Dad and Daddy breathe a sigh of relief. 

This rhyming book is hilarious - I love the (totally relatable) family dynamics, the bright neon illustrations, and the fridge magnet letters that are so recognizable. It would be great for a silly read aloud - just make sure to practice reading lists of chores that you would never do!

Mar 14, 2023