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More than she bargained for

Cover of A Front Page Affair
A review of A Front Page Affair by Radha Vatsal

The Lusitania has recently been sunk. World War I is ongoing and the United States is trying to stay neutral. That is the setting for a new historical mystery set in 1915 New York City. The main character of A Front Page Affair is a privileged young woman journalist who has started working at the New York Sentinel. Capability Weeks, aka Kitty, works for the Ladies page editor as an apprentice. Her first assignment is to cover a society party, the Independence Day gala north of the city. At the party a man she has interviewed has been shot and killed. Because most of the male reporters are out covering another story, Kitty is asked to provide background by interviewing some of the attendees. As she discovers more information, her curiosity is peaked. Another person dies and leaves a confession, but Kitty isn't convinced and keeps digging. This digging also leads to questions about her father and his business dealings.

The author weaves historical events with an interesting protagonist. I enjoyed Kitty's tenacity. It ended in such a way that leaves the door open for more adventures. I look forward to Kitty's next assignment. So if you like historical cozies, then check out Radha Vatsal's new mystery, A Front Page Affair.

Mar 3, 2020