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More murder than you can shake a stick at

Book covers from Crime Reads article
Anticipated Crime for 2021

Literary Hub is a great site with much, much great book content. But my favorite thing about it, I'll admit, is its offshoot site CrimeReads. There you'll find topical and fascinating articles like "The Mona Lisa Wasn't Really that Famous Until it was Stolen in 1911" or the entirely true "Every Mystery Writer Knows you can Kill Anyone but the Dog". So easy to get sucked in and emerge hours later. 

But what I really love are their leading me to new great reads with their forthcoming lists. Thus I lead you too to the books to come with their Most Anticipated Crime Books of 2021. I know it's a good list because I've read some of the titles already (librarian, I get pre-publication copies) and they are worthy one and all (reviews will be forthcoming). So if you're a mystery reader in search of those next great reads? Here they are. Have fun.

Jan 12, 2021