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In the mood for some cute bears?

Cover of Milk & Mocha Comics Collec
A review of Milk & Mocha Comics Collection: Our Little Happiness by Melani Sie

I'm always in the mood for that! Milk & Mocha are sweet bears in love whether times are good or bad. They find happiness in the little moments and even though they differ, they are perfectly compatible. Milk is peppy, affectionate and never stops talking. Mocha is quiet, patient and provides comfort and rejuvenation when Milk's battery gets low, so to speak. They find joy in holding hands, snuggling under a blanket and sharing meals together.  

It's official: I've been living under a rock (I've suspected as much), because I did not know that Milk & Mocha are internet sensations. Their web comic, Milk Mocha Bear, tells the story of their daily life with their pet dinosaur named Matcha. Creator and author Melani Sie lives in Indonesia and works with Klova Studios whose vision is to create relatable stories and characters that will charm and appeal to a global audience. Milk & Mocha's overwhelmingly delightful and popular social media presence and online store tell me that this plan is a success. Whatever you do, do not check out the Milk & Mocha online store. I repeat, do not check out this store. Get your fix with the comic book. There are so many adorable hoodies, keychains, accessories, office supplies, cute home decor, and more, you won't know what hit you!

For fans of Chi's Sweet Home, FukuFuku: Kitten Tales and The Boy, The Mole, the Fox and the Horse, this graphic novel is available at the library and from the library's subscription to ComicsPlus.

Nov 13, 2023