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Marshmallow math

Cover of The Last Marshmallow
A review of The Last Marshmallow by Grace Lin

Since spring doesn't seem to want to get here, I went looking for a warm and snug read and was reminded of The Last Marshmallow by Grace Lin.  This cozy book is one in a series of four wonderful board books that introduce math concepts - such as number sense and division, spatial sense, measurement and geometry - in fun and engaging ways to young children, ages 2-4. In The Last Marshmallow, two friends, Mei and Olivia, have been playing outside in the snow. They’re all set to warm up with some hot cocoa when they realize they need to figure out how to share three marshmallows fairly. By putting their heads together, the friends are able to use number sense and division to solve their problem and enjoy their cups of hot cocoa!

If you’re looking for more books about math for kids, check out the Storytelling Math series.

Bilingual versions of this series are also available - Versiones bilingües de esta serie también están disponibles

Mar 31, 2023