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The magic of baking

Cover of A Wizard's Guide to Defens
A review of A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking by T. Kingfisher

Yes, Mona is a wizard, but her specialty is bread. Which is wonderful for keeping muffins from burning or convincing biscuits that they are not overworked, but significantly less so for defending the her city from an internal coupe and foreign invaders. Mona is a reluctant hero, who very rightly points out that she wouldn't have needed to BE a hero if the people in charge had just done what they were supposed to. This incredibly humorous book has everything that a stand alone fantasy needs - great characters, a fast moving plot, some very naughty gingerbread men, and an adorable familiar (he's a sour dough starter!) This librarian is a little tired of teen fantasy trilogies, and delighted in this beautiful single book story arch, but I have to admit - I was left hungry for more.

Dec 14, 2021