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Living in the Moment

Cover of Now
A review of Now by Antoinette Portis

Antoinetter Portis' new book Now is a beautiful and poignant look at childhood and all of its favorite things. Childhood is about discovering new favorite things, often that change daily and grown-ups will smile at the familiar shift from one favorite to the next like, "This is my favorite song, because it's the one I am singing." But to me this book is a light handed introduction to mindfulness and a guide to living in the moment. Enjoying amazing things in nature like your favorite breeze, a hole in the sand, a tree branch to swing from, and wonderful moments that can be shared together if we remember to pause and focus on the Now. Beautifully illustrated and lyrical in its simple text, this is a bedtime story ripe for reading again and again.

Dec 8, 2017