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With a little heart

Cover of When Grumpy Met Sunshine
A review of When Grumpy Met Sunshine by Charlotte Stein

I have mentioned in the past how I enjoy the grumpy/sunshine trope in romances (or really any genre), so how could I resist a book titled When Grumpy Met Sunshine? It's all right there in the title. Add to that the hero is an ornery ex-footballer (soccer player on our side of the pond) who bears more than a bit of a resemblance to Roy on Ted Lasso (looks and personality) and the heroine is a sunny, but competent, ghostwriter? I'm in. And I'm so glad I was. This is a heartwarming read with likable protagonists in a funny, sometimes bittersweet, story.

Alfie Harding is know for his taciturn nature but he's a famous ex-player who has promised to produce a memoir. The only problem is finding a ghostwriter he's willing to work with and who would be willing to work with him. Mabel Willicker is the ghostwriter who wins the gig (after 17 others fail) - even if she's not sure she wants it. Mabel has worked with others to help them write their stories, but finds Alfie especially difficult to engage. Things get even more challenging after a photo of them together goes viral and the two have to come up with an explanation of why they're together. The solution? Pretend they're dating until the writing is finished.

If I had a quibble, it would be to have a bit less of Mabel's internal dialogue and to have Alfie's added in. But that's a small thing in a read that delighted me from start to finish.

Mar 26, 2024