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Knight Owl

Cover of Knight Owl
A review of Knight Owl by Christopher Denise

All young Owl has ever hoped and dreamed of is becoming a knight, but it was just a dream until suddenly knights begin disappearing from the castle. Taking advantage of this staffing shortage, Owl applies to Knight School and to everyone's surprise, he is accepted! He studies and works hard - even a small shield is tough for him to hold - and after graduating with honor, he is assigned to the Knight Night Watch. Other knights usually fell asleep during these long shifts, but Owl is very good at it. Until one night he hears a strange whooshing sound... 

A large ominous shadow falls over the castle and an enormous, and hungry, dragon appears in front of Owl! As a real knight, Owl knows he has to be brave, so he puffs up his chest and negotiates with the dragon, finally coming to a satisfying arrangement.

The story ends with two new friends sharing a pizza and swapping stories - and the mysterious disappearances of knights has suddenly stopped. 

This fun story is filled with humor and twists and turns - plenty to enjoy for kids and grownups alike!

May 12, 2023