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Cover of The Accidental Beauty Quee
A review of The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson

Charlotte Gorman and her twin Ginny could not be more different. Where Charlotte favors Harry Potter t-shirts and jeans, Ginny wouldn't be caught out in public (or on her Instagram feed) in anything less then full makeup and fashion-forward outfits. And where Charlotte is an elementary school librarian, Ginny is a beauty pageant professional. And it's at Ginny's latest pageant, Miss American Treasure, where their two disparate lives collide.

Charlotte has joined her sister in Florida to support Ginny in her attempt to win the crown, but more so that she can take advantage of the free hotel room and attend The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. After her first day at the amusement park Charlotte returns to find Ginny overcome by an allergic reaction to something she ate, rash, swelling and all. Their rushed, and secret (Ginny is terrified someone will see her with a swollen face and without her SASH!) trip to urgent care brings Ginny some relief, but also the news that Ginny's physical symptoms will take several days to abate!!!! What's a pageant hopeful to do? Ask her identical twin sister to take her place of course. Charlotte reluctantly agrees, after much begging from Ginny, and takes on the task of trying to hold Ginny's place until she's able to be seen in public.

The story has more then a nodding acquaintance with the movie Miss Congeniality (which is actually referenced by Charlotte) and that's a good thing. But while Charlotte does have a love interest and complications in that relationship, the true heart of this book is the relationship between Charlotte and Ginny and how they come to a better understanding of each other. I read this for the twins, pageants, romance, oh my, but ended up loving it for the sisters' rediscovered bond.

Aug 10, 2021