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It's always time for cake

Cover of Sometimes Cake
A review of Sometimes Cake by Edwina Wyatt

I get some of the best book suggestions from the people who come into the library. I was helping a lady the other day who had a charge on her account for a lost book. Don't worry - she had just put it in the book return. She knew it was overdue, but her little one loved the book so much that they just couldn't stop reading it. With a recommendation like that - I just had to read it myself.

After reading Sometime Cake I understand why they had trouble returning it!

A little girl meets a lion holding a balloon. "Is it your birthday?" asked Audrey. "Sometimes," said Lion. "But not today." They celebrate anyway. They also celebrate Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and yellow and orange and purple. One day Lion seems a little bit sad - and it is Audrey's turn to spread some cheer.  

This book is a sweet reminder to celebrate the little things. When you read this, you might be inspired to have a little celebration too - and maybe some cake.

Feb 10, 2023