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Lone Women book cover
NPR's Books We Love

If you're a bookie like me then this is the best time of the year. No, not because of the turkey and Black Friday sales (though those are a bonus), but because now is when NPR posts their Books We Love list and oh how happy it makes me to browse through all those possibles. Think of it as a cross between the library's Best Sellers and Too Good to Miss collections. There is something for everyone and every one of the titles is worth a look. And what makes NPR's version of "best books of the year" such a resource for readers is in how you can mix and match your genres/tropes/reading tastes. Like a mystery that's historical? You can filter for both of those things to get the novels that match. Enjoy novels centered on families that explore identity and culture? They've got you. There are endless match-ups and ways to focus the extensive list. 

So take a look and play around. Find something new for yourself to read or get inspired for your gift giving (Black Friday is coming).

Pro tip: If your book group is looking for ideas on next reads? This and previous year's lists are great conversation starters.

Nov 21, 2023