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If you can't beat them...

Cover of How to Become the Dark Lor
A review of How to Become the Dark Lord and Die Trying by Django Wexler

Davi is living her own version of Groundhog Day. But instead of going to sleep and waking to the same day over and over, Davi is trapped in a fantasy realm attempting to save the Kingdom. And each time she fails and dies (often tortuously), she is woken by a wizard and has to start all over again. She doesn't know why she's trapped in this world, she just knows how many lives she's lived in the past 1000 years and that nothing she's tried up until now has worked to free her. So Davi decides on a new tack. Instead of taking on the role of the hero who saves the Kingdom from the Dark Lord and his armies, she's going to pursue the role of the Dark Lord for herself instead. After a few false starts (and quick, painful deaths) Davi gains acceptance from a troop of Wilders and soon has them following her on her quest to become the Dark Lord.

Fair warning, the humor is crass and bawdy, to say the least, vulgar to say the most and Davi is about as wisecracking as it's possible to be. And I loved it for all of that. It's also adventurous and imaginative and has great plot twists and a wonderful supporting cast of minions. The humor isn't for everyone, but if you thought Deadpool was funny? You're the audience for this one.

May 14, 2024