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I'd stay at this place in a heartbeat

Cover of The Paris Apartment
A review of The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

Yes, something fishy is going on at the Paris apartment when Jess arrives to stay with her brother Ben. There's no way that Ben can afford to stay at the lavish building on his salary as a journalist. And how do the two young students on the fourth floor pay rent? And why do the inhabitants of the penthouse apartment insist the other residents attend their fancy wine parties? It doesn't add up. Not to mention, Ben is missing. Jess spoke with him on the phone before her arrival and now he's nowhere to be found.   

Jess is down to her last dollar, doesn't speak or understand French, and is running out of her data plan fast. She left a bad situation behind in London in order to have a fresh start in Paris and things are not working out for her. In fact, it's become a living nightmare. Ben is all the family Jess has left in the world and she's not going to stop until she finds him. 

As she continues to investigate, she discovers that the Paris apartment has many secrets. Also, many cool features that harken back to a different era, including a concierge, a secret servant staircase and a dumb waiter. Who doesn't appreciate all that? Honestly, I would love to stay at this place, sinister as it is. It's absolutely gorgeous, filled with beautiful French furnishings and people and fine wine and cheese everywhere.

This is another exquisitely crafted psychological thriller from the author of The Guest List and The Hunting Party. Clever, chilling and infinitely chic, The Paris Apartment will have you googling elaborate French pastries, chocolate, and haute couture when you require a short reprieve from the suspense. It's all quite wonderful.

May 12, 2022