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I take this hot dog to be my..

Cover of Food: A Love Story
A review of Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan

Oh, this is Humor. With a capital "H." Jim Gaffigan is clearly not getting married to a hot dog, as he already has a wife and five small children, and he's not that kind of weirdo, but he really does love the cured meats. Like, loves loves loves the cured meats. Hot dogs. Bologna. Bacon. All sausages, especially bratwurst. I did not think I could laugh more than I did while reading Dad is Fat, Gaffigan's take on parenting all those small children in New York City with a two bedroom, fifth floor walk-up, and here I am, laughing away as I think about Food: A Love Story.

Jim Gaffigan is funny about food. And he is funny in a way that I find completely relatable. He is not judgmental or snobby about food, re: McDonald's, and for that, I appreciate this man even more. He's got a thing for Quarter Pounders and I admire him for saying it. He loves French Fries. Amen to that! Entire chapters are spent on steaks, fast food, pizza, dairy (this man's love of cheese is extraordinary) and takeout. There's even a funny observation about water: Bottled water is more watery than water. It is, isn't it? Jim grew up in Indiana and his wife is from Milwaukee and they still spend a considerable amount of time in the Midwest with family. So when he talks about cheese and sausage trays and Merkts on crackers or even Tombstone pizza, he knows what he's talking about. When he describes hot dogs as the antidepressant of food or bacon as the candy of meat, I wholeheartedly agree.

My only complaint about Food is a small one: Jim Gaffigan does not like seafood. He has an entire chapter devoted to "the bugs of the sea." What?!? Put any type of seafood in front of me and I will gobble it right up. Not just shrimp, scallops and lobster, but whatever octopus, mussels, crawdaddy thing you've got. I will eat it and enjoy it. No questions asked. But that's the beauty of food. It's your own love story. I'm just really happy Jim Gaffigan shared his.

Jun 10, 2019