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Horror and Hope

Cover of Copper Sun
A review of Copper Sun by Sharon Draper

Sharon M. Draper did an outstanding job reminding and educating us about slavery in the United States by crafting this one of a kind story about a 15 year old girl named Amari. Based on Amari’s struggles with being an young African American women in the early 1700’s, Copper Sun gives you the raw and unfiltered look at slavery. It gives the readers the brutal truth in which should never be forgotten. Amari who once lived a beloved life in her peace filled African village, Ziari, got tore apart and forced to live a nightmare that never seemed to find morning. She was traded a new life full of heartbreak, murder, rape, beating, branding, and kidnapping for the highest bidding offer. Shipped to a work in a rice plantation in South Carolina, Amari wondered if she would ever escape of even survive. You should definitely read to find out more. Draper was able to take the ugliest of times and turn it into such a beautiful story. Not only that, but, this book is so strong that it pulls you in and makes it feel like you are actually connected to the characters. Though this book may be a little harsh and I recommend it for older readers, Copper Sun is honestly my favorite book ever. This novel has true power.

Sep 15, 2017