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Hoot-a-riffic, wingtastic, owl-dorable, I could go on and on

Cover of Owl Diaries
A review of Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliot

The Owl Diaries young reader series by Rebecca Elliot is officially the nicest and the cutest. Eva Wingdale lives with her owl family in Treetopolis. Eva's best friend is Lucy Beakman and her frenemy is Sue Clawson. The level of clever owl and bird word play in this series is spectacular. But what's really notable is the recognition and practice of thoughtfulness throughout all of the stories.

In book one, Eva and her classmates work on putting together the Bloomtastic Festival.  Book two involves a mystery that requires teamwork to solve. In the third book, Ms. Featherbottom is getting married and her entire owlementary school class wings together to help out. Each book has a team building, friendship making, kindness sharing message that is super important for all ages to stop and think about. My favorite book in the series is Warm Hearts Day. Similar to Valentine's Day, Warm Hearts Day celebrations include making special cards, giving homemade gifts and enjoying treats with those you love. Eva meets some sheep, beavers and bears that need a little pick-me-up on a cold winter day and she spreads the spirit of Warm Hearts throughout the woods.

 Owl Diaries volumes 1-12 are available at the library:

If you're looking for a last minute gift idea for the young school-age child in your life, this is another winner from the Scholastic Branches imprint. Perfect for first and second grade readers. Colorful, genuine, with gender-neutral content that appeals to boys and girls. I like the journal format and the reading comprehension questions at the end of the book, too.

Dec 20, 2019