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Green is for... go you!

Cover of Greenlight
A review of Greenlight by Breanna Carzoo

Just like any toddler or things-that-go enthusiast in your life, our narrator knows that cars and trucks are always cool - and Greenlight used to think she was cool too. She thought she was bright and sparkly, but every time she tries to shine, the traffic speeds off! She is left alone, envious of the attention that Yellowlight and Redlight get as vehicles slow and stop for them.

Obviously by this point in the narrative I was cracking up, and ready to enjoy a hilarious stoplight themed book. But then, things start to get real in ways that I could absolutely relate to. Greenlight is feeling down - what's the point of shining her light? Does anyone even like her? Greenlight decides that she is done shining and she defiantly closes her eyes. 

Wow. As the illustrations switch to an all black background, with twinkling stars of green, Greenlight reflects on how nice the peace and quiet are. She can hear herself think - and hears a circle of mantras, growing brighter with each one:

"You're doing your best. It's ok to struggle sometimes. There's nothing wrong with you...Take your time....Ready?"

Greenlight now knows that she is bright, sparkly, and spectacular - and more importantly, she knows that her worth isn't dependent on what other people think of her. She is ready to shine, and with just a little bit of stage fright (and another humorous gotcha moment!), Greenlight says GO!

Oct 30, 2023