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Goal Diggers. Like Real Housewives

Cover of The Favorite Sister: A Nov
A review of The Favorite Sister: A Novel by Jessica Knoll

If this were a reality show on television today, I would totally watch it.

A group of young, successful businesswomen are the focus of a reality TV show called "Goal Diggers." The premise of the show is that the women empower each other and live authentic lives, as opposed to the scripted versions of other so-called "reality" shows. It's all outrageous. The Diggers are entangled in more webs of lies and deceit than an episode of Dynasty! And they are ready to take each other down for love or money. Or both. So to speak.

The book has three narrators and the reader knows at the very beginning that one of the characters has been murdered so there's plenty of "then and now" confusion to keep things lively. The women are fascinating and complicated - a New York Times best-selling author, a dating app heiress, a natural food guru, and sisters who imagined an exercise bike start-up into a global effort to provide bikes to women in Africa to help them get water in a faster, safer way.

You'll have to decide which is the favorite sister. And who the killer is. But you can rest assured that it's all caught on tape.

I could not put this down. Another winner from Jessica Knoll, author of The Luckiest Girl Alive.

Jul 9, 2018