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Go, gummy, go!

Cover of The Not-So-Secret Society:
A review of The Not-So-Secret Society: Tale of the Gummy by Matthew Daley

Books that involve gangs of problem solving kids, hijinks and hilarity are perennially popular at my house. I checked this new book out because it looked like it fit that bill, and boy did it ever. Wherever this series goes I will follow. Madison, Dylan, Emma, Aidan and Ava are twelve years old, classmates, and members of the Not-So-Secret Society.  

The Not-So-Secret Society is first seen ready to explore a hidden world under the subway when they are interrupted by an alarm telling them to work on their science experiment. What follows is research, planning, and collaboration on many levels resulting in a gummy bear that grows to epic proportions and accidentally goes on a rampage. Of course the gummy must be stopped. Or eaten. Or something!

At its core, this graphic novel is about a group of super sleuthing students working on projects for a science fair. The story is great but the concept and execution are even better. Like with the Scholastic Branches books, there are questions you can use for discussion and reading comprehension, plus related activities. There's also something that my kiddo loves and that I give props to in any book: book bios. This book had 5, for all of the collaborators, and that is outstanding!

Feb 6, 2018