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Cover of Gibberish
A review of Gibberish by Young Vo

"First Dat sailed on a boat, then flew on a plane..." and now Dat is starting a new school where everyone speaks gibberish and he can't understand a word. Feeling lost and alone, Dat soon makes a friend - after all, play is a universal language! Slowly Dat starts to learn new words and begins to feel at home in his new environment. This book shines in the illustrations - all the gibberish is represented by speech bubbles filled with symbols, and while Dat is illustrated in color, his surroundings start out as black and white cartoons. Throughout the course of the book, as he makes new friends and learns new words, the rest of the environment fills with color, and other characters begin to look more human and realistic. The endpapers are an added treat - the front is covered in black and white symbols, and the end is filled with brightly colored letters.  

May 8, 2023