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Ghosts in the laundry

Cover of Sheets
A review of Sheets by Brenna Thummler

Sheets combines gently confused spookiness with Halloween past and present in an uplifting tale of friendship and acceptance.

Marjorie Glatt's mom has died and the teenage girl is left to manage the household and family laundry business in the wake of her father's grief and ensuing depression. Wendell is a young ghost of the white sheet variety trying to understand how he came to be a ghost. He's a bit lost and not fitting in with the ghost community. He's lonely and confused. You can imagine what a comfort it is for him to find piles and stacks of fresh, clean, neatly folded sheets at the laundry and he settles right in. But using the laundry as a ghost playground creates chaos and bewilderment. This threatens to destroy the precarious state of a business that is essentially being run by a high school student. And to make things even more difficult for Marjorie, an ambitious and greedy developer is ready to pounce on Glatt's Laundry and is preying on Marjorie's confusion and insecurities. What follows next is a miraculous meeting betwixt the living and dead that provides hope and comfort for those suffering from loss and a sweet, satisfying ending for both Marjorie and Wendell.

Touching and well-timed for a Halloween read.

Oct 30, 2018