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Friends can come from anywhere

Cover of Dalmartian
A review of Dalmartian by Lucy Cummins

Some people in my family believe in aliens and UFO's. I am not one of them. But after reading Dalmartian, I might just change my mind.

Late one night, three visitors are collecting specimens in a backyard, when they are surprised by a young boy who lives in the house. They rush off, but one is left behind. To us Earthlings, the visitor looks a lot like a Dalmatian, except they have green spots rather than black. The boy invites the visitor into his house and the visitor accepts. The boy and the visitor must do some negotiating, but they reach a compromise on where to sleep, what to eat for breakfast and how to go for walks. Then one night, the UFO returns and the visitor goes home. But where is home?  

Read this fun book about friendship and see what the visitor decides. It might also make you wonder if your pet is from outer space.

Jul 5, 2024