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Finding your place

Cover of The Very Secret Society of
A review of The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna

Mika Moon pretends to be a witch in her social media videos and enjoys the sense of community she has with her followers. But unbeknownst to those she's met online, Mika really is a witch. And no one can know. Primrose, the woman who “raised” Mika is very firm on the rules for witches. And rule number one is tell and show no one. That rule has led to a peripatetic life and no long-term connections for Mika. Until now. She’s received an email: Witch Wanted.  The inhabitants of Nowhere House in Norfolk have reached out to Mika because they’re sure she’s a real witch and is just what they need. Out of curiousity Mika takes them up on an offer to meet. At Nowhere House she finds not one, but three young witches (all under the age of 10) who are in need of a tutor in witchiness. Though another one of Primrose's rules is that witches shouldn't gather together, Mika knows the girls need her and the odd family of disparate characters living at Nowhere House appeal to the lonely in Mika. And in joining the household, Mika may find her own place in the world and perhaps someone to love as well.

This was the loveliest of lovely books to settle in and read on a recent snowy day. Themes of belonging and found family and some romance made it the coziest of stories. If you're looking for that next warm hug of a book after Legends and Lattes, this is for you.

Feb 21, 2023