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Everyone should have an EDC (Emergency Day Carry) Bag

book cover
A review of Emergency Contact by Mary H. K. Choi

How would you, a college freshman with little social skills, get the attention of the hot, tattooed baker/barista with an equally hot-but-manipulative ex-girlfriend with an enviable Insta feed named MsLOLAXO?Answer: Save his life with your EDC (Every Day Carry) bag of emergency items and become each other’s emergency contact (cause you know, the baker/barista is bare bones making it in life and can’t afford healthcare).

Emergency Contact is told from the perspectives of Penny and Sam and their unlikely pairing begins with secretive banter. They soon realize that they are more alike than not and their attraction grows. The only problem is that it’s all happening over texts with a few escalated phone calls. Could this evolve into an IRL (In Real Life) relationship or are they just emotional crutches for one another? You will be emotionally drawn into their family dynamics, their aspirations, and most importantly, their vulnerabilities when it comes to dealing with healthy and toxic relationships. While there were some heavy issues that were touched on and not fully explored, I enjoyed staying up late reading this fast-paced romantic-sort-of-comedic-but-angsty novel. 

Apr 10, 2020