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Every day is lucky

lucky day book covers
Lucky Day Collection

I've mentioned it before but when you're looking for something to read right now (in our digital world) you can always find something in the Lucky Day Collection on Overdrive (Libby). The books in this collection are checked out for a shorter amount of time and don't allow for anyone to place them on hold. As you can see from the graphic here (today's front page of available LD books) you'll see a little of everything. Thrillers and romance, suspense and historical, diverse and literary, and if you scroll a bit further down the page you'd see a memoir and a couple other nonfiction books. So truly something for every taste. And because the books don't go out for a hold when they're checked back in, an ever evolving "ready" collection. 

So dive in. Find a title by a favorite author or dive in and try something completely new. If it's not your cup of tea, just return it and try something else.

Apr 29, 2020