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Escape from Hollywood

Cover of Marilyn in Manhattan: Her
A review of Marilyn in Manhattan: Her Year of Joy by Elizabeth Winter

In November 1954 Marilyn Monroe escaped from Hollywood, leaving behind the very public end of her marriage to Joe DiMaggio and the humiliations forced on her by Zanuck and Fox Studios. Leaving with her friend and photographer Milton Greene, Marilyn was determined to recreate herself in New York City as something more than a blonde bombshell. Winter’s account is full of fascinating information, including quotes from other actors prominent in Strasbourg’s acting studio such as Marlon Brando, Ben Gazzara, and Eli Wallach whose opinions of her abilities as an actor makes the reader view her much differently than the glamorous yet sad figure we know of her life. My only quibble with the book is the author’s fascination with Marilyn’s looks, clothes, make-up which at times reminds me of those breathless articles in popular magazines. Regardless, this book was interesting and well worth reading.

Nov 4, 2021