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Emile and the Field

Cover of Emile and the Field
A review of Emile and the Field by Kevin Young, Illustrated by Chioma Ebinama
There was a boy
name Emile
who fell in love with a field. 
It was wide and blue --
and if you could have
seen it
so would've you. 

Emile spends the seasons immersed in the field, admiring the beauty, wandering, and wondering, but when winter comes he isn't happy at having to share the field with sleds and other loud kids. His father reminds him that if others love the field and help take care of it, then it will be around to share for a very long time. As the story ends, we see Emile happy again in the springtime field - and ready to make a friend. 

The soft watercolor illustrations are stunning, with gorgeous spreads of wildflowers and trees, and a page reminiscent of Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day showing Emile in a red coat making a snow angel in the field.

This book comes from the Make Me A World imprint, and includes a note to the reader from their creative director, author and artist Christopher Myers.

Apr 26, 2023