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Embracing your super self

Cover of Measuring Up
A review of Measuring Up by Lily LaMotte and Ann Xu

Cici's family moves from Taiwan to Seattle when she's twelve and it's a shocking adjustment. They leave her A-má (grandmother) and many traditions behind. Cici is determined to bridge the gap by exploring more American customs and cuisine and by vowing to bring her A-má to Seattle in time for her 70th birthday. 

While exploring with new friends one afternoon, Cici notices a flyer for a cooking contest. She enrolls in the contest in order to earn money for her grandmother's plane ticket and discovers that her skills as a chef are extraordinary. She's a supertaster!  A supertaster is a person who experiences and differentiates tastes to a much finer degree than average folks. This makes them excellent food analysts, critics, and chefs. Cici embraces this truth about herself, but struggles to convince her parents that it's as powerful as getting good grades and following their wishes. 

Measuring Up is a wonderful middle grade graphic novel that explores immigration, friendship, family and embracing your best self. Cici's relationships are heartfelt and true and the essence of middle school angst and independence is captured perfectly.

Jul 21, 2021