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Dynamic duo

Cover of The Janes
A review of The Janes by Louisa Luna

Alice Vega is something of an enigma to those who know or have heard of her. But one thing that is known about her is that she's good at her job as an investigator and in particular she is excellent at finding the missing. So though it might be unusual to be hired by a police department to look into the deaths of two unidentified girls and how they relate to other missing girls who are being trafficked, Alice is willing to take on the job. Two Jane Does have been found in San Diego and it's clear that they were sex trafficking victims and killed by the same person. Alice is brought in because she has resources and connections that the police do not and she agrees to investigate because of who the victims are - even if she is not completely sold on the motives of the officials. Her only requirement in taking the job is that she is able to bring in sometimes partner, Max "Cap" Caplan. Alice and Cap will go to great lengths to find the missing girls - but they're up against people who feel the same about stopping them from doing so.

I loved Alice and Cap. She's quiet and fierce and he's expressive and competent so they made a great team and the plot and pacing here is stellar. I hadn't read the first with this team, Two Girls Down, but I am now going to go back and do so.


Sep 19, 2023