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Drawing your own reality

Cover of Dog Loves Drawing
A review of Dog Loves Drawing by Louise Yates

Adventure and new friends abound in Dog Loves Drawing by Louise Yates. Dog gets a brand new sketchbook from his dear Aunt Dora. “Dog knew exactly what to do. . .“ He begins his own story! With pencil in hand, he draws a door and steps through. He is joined by a stickman, duck, owl, and crab. Of course, they decide to ride a train and, then, set sail on a boat to a sandy island. The sketched illustrations fit well with the storyline. Soft colors and spare lines add to the gentle feel of the book. It would be a fun one to share one-on-one with your own little one – or to a group of eager young readers. For more drawing stories, look for Harold and the Purple Crayon, Art, Jeremy Draws a Monster, and The Monster Returns. On a similar theme, try Not a Box, a book about a rabbit who turns a box into other playful objects (such as a mountain, a racecar, and a robot).

Sep 13, 2019