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Don't be so drama

Cover of Vera Wong's Unsolicited Ad
A review of Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice for Murderers by Jesse Q. Sutanto

Little old lady Vera Wong wakes up to find a dead body in her tea shop in San Francisco's Chinatown and immediately gets to work solving the murder. The police rule the death accidental but Vera knows there's foul play. After all, she found evidence on the deceased while she was waiting for the police to arrive. She searched every pocket and looked inside the victim's wallet. She knows stuff! Too bad the young officers assigned to the case didn't drink any of Vera's special tea to sharpen the mind and senses. She prepared a tea tray especially for this purpose. The officers have no idea what they are doing and have no respect for their elders. Why are millennials so clueless?!?

Vera watches CSI and Law and Order and all the crime shows so she sets a trap to nab the killer. She's a practical, goal-oriented, businessperson and does not have time for drama. As Vera expects, the suspect list grows in a logical way and she forges connections with those closest to the murder victim.  However, she's not getting any closer to finding the killer. What she finds instead is a new community and extended family with enough pulled noodles and barbecue pork to make a reader swoon. It's a sweet, safe, no blood, but lots of Tiger Mom situation. Vera's no nonsense way of doling out life advice to potential killers is charming and hilarious. 

If you are looking for a cozy mystery with a feisty amateur detective that makes questionable but ultimately successful decisions in order to solve crimes look no further. Vera Wong and her world famous tea are on the case.

Nov 2, 2023