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Danger is lurking

Cover of Dark Corners
A review of Dark Corners by Megan Goldin

Podcaster Rachel Krall is planning on a bit of a break from work when she receives a call from the FBI. Agent Joe Martinez lures Rachel to Florida with the promise of what seems like a possible story for her true crime podcast. The reality is, social media influencer Maddison Logan visited an inmate in a Florida prison and disappeared the next day. The prisoner Maddison visited, Terence Bailey, is due to be released from the prison in just a couple days and he's high on their suspect list in the serial killing of women in the area. Rachel's name came up in the conversation between Maddison and Terence and Agent Martinez needs to know why and what, if anything, Terence knows about Maddison's disappearance. The clock is ticking on any hope they have of finding her alive.

I really loved Goldin's The Night Swim, which introduced the character of Rachel Krall (reviewed by me here). So I had high hopes for this one. And those hopes were mostly fulfilled. The dive into the world of influencers and how that tied into Maddison's disappearance had me intrigued and the pacing kept me engaged. Book one in the series is still my favorite, but this is a really solid follow-up.

Aug 8, 2023