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At the corner of...

Cover of American Street
A review of American Street by Ibi Aanu Zoboi

So many exciting twist and turns! An endearing adventure all the way to the end. I was awed at the varied facets the main character endured from the very beginning, like witnessing her mother's detainment after her first flight to the United States to her less than celebratory introduction to meeting her new family members. I enjoyed her innocence of learning Western culture through the eyes of her cousins and new friends. I appreciated she kept so close to her rituals and beliefs from her homeland, Haiti, coupled with her ability to have a sixth sense she uses as tools to navigate her new life. How she smartly plans revenge for her cousins, aunts, mother and her deceased uncle but ultimately loses the first love of her life. The authors writing made you feel the emotion of this immigrant teen navigating uncharted territory and brought to life the excitement of living on Detroit's mean streets, at the corner of Joy Road and...American Street.

Oct 21, 2021