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Charting a friendship

Cover of Friends Beyond Measure
A review of Friends Beyond Measure by Lalena Fisher

This picture book requires multiple readings. You can read it as a sweet story of two girls who meet and become instant best friends. They spend hours playing, have grand Halloween adventures, and learn to manage disagreements. Until one day, when Harwin announces that her family is moving - really far away. You can also read it as a celebration of neurodiversity, Ana has ADHA and Harwin has dyslexia. They sometimes have different needs, and figure out how to find something that makes them both happy. And you can read it as book filled with fabulous infographics - Venn diagrams, maps, time lines, bar charts, flow charts, and more! The many colorful charts tell a story far beyond the text of the book. Readers can spend hours reading the charts and probably many will be inspired to make some of their own.

Oct 4, 2023