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Challenging beauty

Cover of Horizon
A review of Horizon by Barry Lopez

A dense but often lyrical book of many levels. In one sense it is one man’s retracing his life’s journeys to remote and far flung points on earth. In another, it is a contemplation of human kinds' significance and insignificance in the history of our planet, and the concern that our hubris dooms not only our species but earth itself. Does our ability to create sublime beauty such as the music of Beethoven or the art of Manet supplant our equally ugly creations such as the many prisons built over the ages and the despicable ways we treat our own kind? Perhaps this is not an easy read but it is a valuable one.

I think I value Lopez not only for the incredible beauty of his writing but also because he takes me out of my comfort zone and challenges my ability to read and comprehend complex thinking.

Nov 25, 2019