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Cover of Laxmi's Mooch
A review of Laxmi's Mooch by Shelly Anand
Nabi Ali

Laxmi’s Mooch introduces us to Laxmi, a delightful and confident child, who has never paid much attention to the little hairs that grow on her upper lip – until a classmate points them out during a playground game of farm animals. After that, Laxmi becomes very aware of the hair that grows on her upper lip, arms, legs, and between her eyebrows. By the time she gets home from school, she is concerned about her body hair, but her loving, patient parents tell her about other women who have mustaches – from ranis (Hindu queens), to relatives, to the famous artist, Frida Kahlo – letting Laxmi know that hair is not just for our heads. As Laxmi’s Mummy tells her, “It protects you and keeps you warm. Just feel it – so nice and soft.”  This inviting picture book for readers ages 4-8, with its warm, bold and colorful illustrations, celebrates hair in all the ways it grows. Added bonus: Laxmi’s Mooch offers beautiful endpapers that teach the reader a few words in Hindi! 

Jun 16, 2023