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Boss big sisters

Cover of Me and the Boss: A Story A
A review of Me and the Boss: A Story About Mending and Love by Michelle Edwards, illustrated by April Harrison

Lee knows big sisters. His big sister Zora is the boss. “I go wherever she goes, and we are home before dark. Those are the rules.” And today, Lee and Zora are going to the library… but not to get on the computer or to check out books, they are going to learn to sew from Ms. C, the librarian. There is a LOT to love in this book. A sister who advocates for her brother, a little boy who takes pride in his new sewing skill as he fixes the hole in his pocket and the ear on his sister’s bear, a librarian who sits next to Lee giving him the confidence to slow down his hands and smooth out his stitches. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I will just tell you to read it. “Hurry Up!” Zora would say, go read it right now!

It is no wonder to this librarian (and Bubblerarian!) that this book is both Charlotte Zolotow Award winner for outstanding writing in picture books and a Coretta Scott King award honoree this year. It’s enough to make you hug that big sister or brother who was the boss in your life, and to check out an empowering maker program at your local library.

Mar 24, 2023