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The Boss

Cover of Born to Run
A review of Born to Run by Bruce Sprinsteen

I started out reading this book in the hardcover edition the year it was published but kept thinking how great it would be to actually hear the Boss tell his story in his own words and own voice.  So, when I discovered it was available as a downloadable audio, I decided to get it and then wait for a long car trip to listen to the book. I am glad I did it that way, because if ever a book was meant to be listened to, this was the one.

Truly a fantastic book with interesting background obviously on Bruce himself, but also E Street band members, his family, his town and New Jersey in general. But the best part for me was hearing how he feels about his music, what he was attempting to do with each song/album. This had me pulling out my vinyl and compact discs to really listen to his music again and again. Obviously, Springsteen’s one man show on Broadway utilizes what he learned about himself in the writing of his memoir and the video of the show is well worth watching, but to get the full picture read or listen to this book.

May 20, 2019