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Book Baby!

Cover of New Board Books
A review of New Board Books by

Bim! Bam! Boom!, Frederic Stehr
With fresh language, Stehr revisits an activity as old as kitchens and toddlers – the pots and pans band.

The Wonderful Habits of Rabbits, Douglas Florian
Join a family of playful bunnies as they cavort through their day, and then settle in for snuggles at bedtime.

Skip to the Loo: a Potty Book, Sally Lloyd-Jones & Anita Jeram
All of the animals are using their potties.  This celebration of successful transitioning to using the potty can be sung as well as read.  And the illustrations are adorable!

Peek-a-boo (National Geographic For Kids Look & Learn), Ruth Musgrave
Familiar and not-so familiar baby animals peek out from their habitats in this introduction to the natural world.

Step By Step, Loreen Leedy
This is a lovely introduction to animal tracks and habitats for budding naturalists and their adventuresome parents.

Good Night Yoga: a Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story, Sarah Jane Hinder
Great for slowing down those excited bodies in preparation for sleep.

Animals with Tiny Cat, Vivian Schwarz
Schwarz’s Tiny Cat loves animals and engages in some toddler-style cosplay in this humorous introduction to animal sounds.

Bedtime with Ted, Sophy Henn
Is Ted ready for bed yet? Nope. He has lots to do before bedtime in this rollicking lift-the-flap adventure.

Clive and His Babies, Jessica Spanyol
Clive loves his dolls – his babies. He pushes them in a stroller, helps them play on the slide, in the pool, and more. Whether he is sharing his dolls with friends or nurturing them on his own, he loves his babies!

May 2, 2018