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Art comes to life

Cover of Anna at the Art Museum
A review of Anna at the Art Museum by Hazel Hutchins
Anna is BORED. The museum is full of stuffy art, and all the fun things one can do to stay occupied - like climbing on the kids stuff, and eating one's afternoon snack - are strictly forbidden and enforced by the museum security guard. But then Anna is let in on a little secret at the museum, and everything changes. 
The illustrations in this book are truly inspired. On the walls hang images of the real life art that could be seen in a museum. From fruit bowl still lifes to Degas' dancers, these pieces are subtly reflected in Herbert's illustrations brilliantly. 
Anna and Mom are both sweetly human and relatable. While the pivot in the plot was a little obscured, there's an opportunity for a little one's grownup to give some context about the concept -- finally finding art that speaks to you, and awakens your creativity. The back matter is well done, with repeated images and citations for the work that was used throughout the text.
Nov 18, 2020